NES and SNES located

It took some rummaging, but I found the totes with all my Nintendo and Super Nintendo stuff at my parents’ house.

Although not related whatsoever to the purpose of this blog, I also found a sand wedge given to me by a kid  in the throes of a panic attack when I was 12.

The orignal owner of the club managed to hit another kid square in the face while attempting to approach the green from a sand trap. The kid he hit happened to come out from behind a tree at the exact wrong moment and, consequently, had to be taken to the hospital. Sand Wedge Kid felt so bad he about the incident he ended up puking in a water hazard. He also wanted to throw the offending sand wedge into the water because he was convinced the kid was going to die in the hospital and they were going to use the club to convict him for murder.

I pointed out that they’d find the club the next time they drained the hazard and he was better off just giving the club to me. In my defense, I didn’t have a sand wedge.

But I digress.

The SNES works flawlessly. The NES not so much. There’s a store called People Play Games off the Belmont Red Line that fixes old consoles. I’ll see what they can do.

Fun fact: my NES has some weird, dried adhesive on the top from when I decided affixing my T-ball trophy to it was a good idea. For sake of clarification, I did this as a kid.

I think the bigger issue there is that I thought a participation trophy was cause for celebration.



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2 responses to “NES and SNES located

  1. It looks like you got your NES working, but this reminded me of the 2 go-to fixes I used as a kid to get my Nintendo working again:

    1) Blow into the game cartridge, but not before clearing the spit out of your mouth.

    2) Insert the game cartridge you want to play into the NES, but push it down as far as it can go, then shove in another cartridge on top of it to hold it down.

    No joke it worked every time!

  2. Chicago

    I can’t tell you how many hours I spent at friend’s houses playing NES and N64. This was only because my mother wouldn’t let us have video games in the house. I can’t wait to read more posts.

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