I am not affiliated with the University of Waterloo

Evidently, if you Google “Super Memory Bros,” the first result is an article of the same name published in the journal of Memory and Cognition in 2008 by the University of Waterloo.

The article’s abstract is as follows:

When memory is contrasted for stimuli belonging to distinct stimulus classes, one of two patterns is observed: a mirror pattern, in which one stimulus gives rise to higher hits but lower false alarms (e.g., the frequency-based mirror effect) or a concordant pattern, in which one stimulus class gives rise both to higher hits and to higher false alarms (e.g., the pseudoword effect). On the basis of the dual-process account proposed by Joordens and Hockley (2000), we predict that mirror patterns occur when one stimulus class is more familiar and less distinctive than another, whereas concordant patterns occur when one stimulus class is more familiar than another. We tested these assumptions within a video game paradigm using novel stimuli that allow manipulations in terms of distinctiveness and familiarity (via similarity). When more distinctive, less familiar items are contrasted with less distinctive, more familiar items, a mirror pattern is observed. Systematically enhancing the familiarity of stimuli transforms the mirror pattern to a concordant pattern as predicted. Although our stimuli differ considerably from those used in examinations of the frequency-based mirror effect and the pseudoword effect, the implications of our findings with respect to those phenomena are also discussed.

Not only am I not affiliated in any way with the above article but a lot of those words make me sleepy.

I tried to access the journal through my university’s library database in the hopes of freeing myself from this ignorance but no such luck. I’m honestly curious about the research and have no idea how to go about accessing medical journals as a non-med student.

In the meantime, I will walk around with a stethoscope and hope something shakes out.


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