Super Breaking Bad Turbo 2

I just watched the season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad. Although this is roughly 200 Internet years old by now, I can’t get sick of this College Humor video that reimagines the first two seasons as a 16-bit RPG.

And if fighting games are more your style, the Internet has got your back.

It’s only a matter of time before Breaking Bad is officially added to Stuff White People Like. As of writing this, it isn’t. I Googled that shit.

If you aren’t watching it, you probably should be. For me, it has taken over the mental space previously reserved for The Wire. This means I can stop being terrified of the city of Baltimore and spend more time worrying about Mexican drug cartels. Both are totally legitimate concerns for someone living in Chicago.

Between Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad, AMC has managed to cover the three basic TV food groups: rich white dudes, zombies and meth.


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